(Not even one hundred thousandth of the small things)

Looking up, rainforest, Uganda. © Bronwen Scott

Stunning flowers with an ancient history

Scarlet Banksia (Banksia coccinea), Waychinicup, Western Australia. © Bronwen Scott.

A rainy day on Chiloé Island

Chiloé Island, Los Lagos, Chile. © Bronwen Scott.

Australian Baobab near Timber Creek, Northern Territory, Australia. © Bronwen Scott.

Baobabs in the Australian Outback

A wonderland of flowers hidden in the mountains

On the rainforest track, near Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea. © Bronwen Scott

Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea


Eyes first, camera second

King penguins, Falkland Islands. © Bronwen Scott

A plant and bird come to an arrangement and everyone wins

Dendrophthoe, Walkamin, Far North Queensland. © Bronwen Scott.

It’s not an obsession…

New growth of Boonjee Satinash (Syzygium boonjee) with friend. © Bronwen Scott

Children’s author and expert in algae

Photo by Nariman Mesharrafa on Unsplash

Naturally weird — in five words

Common Warthog grazing on a lawn in Uganda. © Bronwen Scott.

Lumpy, bumpy,

Warty, and snorty

Bronwen Scott

Zoologist, writer, artist, museum fan, enjoying life in the tropical rainforest of Far North Queensland.

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