The Quiet Paddock

Things change

Bronwen Scott
2 min readAug 29, 2023
Welcome to the world, kid. © Bronwen Scott

The goats have gone. The paddock is empty except for one disconsolate steer. I’m disconsolate too. Although the goats were standoffish and noisy, it was nice to have them around.

I prefer to think they’re grazing on another property, perhaps one with mountain views.

I don’t think they’ve gone somewhere with any kind of views.

A few days ago, there was a to do, a fuss, a commotion in the paddock. The goats, voluble creatures that they are, were offering opinions on something. I looked out of the window to see what had upset them. Even the Lundy the steer was curious.

Lundy walked purposefully along the fence. Then he stopped and nuzzled something hidden in the grass. Through my binoculars, I saw a little brown shape with droopy ears. A kid goat — not quite newborn but very young. Lundy started licking the tiny creature.

Welcome to the world!

Back with Mum. © Bronwen Scott

The goat’s mother eventually came over to fetch her youngster. The kid got to its feet and headed towards her…but paused beneath Lundy. Paused right in front of a massive hoof. If the steer had moved, it might have ended in disaster…



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