A rare bird in wild country

Small bright yellow bird with pale blue eyes and black mark on chest, perched on dead vegetation, against a backdrop of blue sky and pale grass.
Male Yellow Chat, Roebuck Plains, Western Australia. © Bronwen Scott.

Fly to Broome in north-western Australia. When the tourists head out to Cable Beach on Indian Ocean, drive in the other direction. Skirt the spider legs of Dampier Creek, and travel east along red dirt roads to the shore of Roebuck Bay. In the salt marsh and rugged plain, where samphire meets grass, you might be fortunate enough to see one of Australia’s rarest birds, the Yellow Chat (Epthianura crocea)…



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Bronwen Scott

Bronwen Scott


Zoologist, writer, artist, museum fan, enjoying life in the tropical rainforest of Far North Queensland. She/her. Website: